Cultivating Abundance Isn’t Selfish

Erin Monahan
5 min readFeb 26, 2022

Yesterday as I watched footage of the violent, genocidal invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces I felt incredibly overwhelmed, tender, and rageful.

Not only are these systems of oppression constantly traumatic, particularly for Black people, but we have been living through a pandemic, and on top of that we’re witnessing and feeling the reverberations of the Ukraine invasion, as well as the horrific and violent news of the anti-trans actions in Texas.

As we process the events of the world at large, as well as neighboring states here in the so-called U.S. — on top of that being tasked with the job of keeping our jobs, paying rent/mortgage, and navigating “regular” life stressors like relationship issues, conflict with co-workers, deadlines, maybe you have children you are responsible for, or you’re the caretaker of a sick family member, maybe you’re currently battling COVID, or you have plant babies, or animals that require your attention…this is all too much for any one person.

As I sat on my green couch yesterday watching the snow/ice/rain fall outside my apartment window, I succumbed to the advice that I give my clients: release the expectations of yourself. We’re experiencing big, collective traumas on top of navigating our personal ones.

We happened to have a Trauma of Money alumni meeting yesterday in which we discussed the ins and outs of sliding scale in our businesses, and it was incredibly beautiful to be in community with like-minded business owners and fellow anti-capitalists who are truly striving to make this world a more safe and secure place for all.

There was room for all of our emotions, thoughts, and feelings in that space and it was a great reminder for me that there are SO many people who are working towards the liberated future that I dream of too. It reminded me that I’m not alone even if this pandemic has felt really lonely at times.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about abundance and how this concept can bring up a lot of emotions for so many of us.

I know it might seem like nurturing an abundance mindset right now is counter to what’s happening in the world…but it’s actually one of the most pertinent practices in this moment.

Erin Monahan

Trauma-Informed Mindset Coach. Host of OFF THE DEEP END podcast. Founder of Terra Incognita Media. Guide at Vesta Business School. Writer + Speaker.