Hi, friends and lovers! ⁣ I’m Erin, a trauma-informed mindset coach who helps #anticapitalist entrepreneurs heal their relationship with themselves, business, and money! As a certified Trauma of Money facilitator I offer workshops and programs that blend my love of entrepreneurship, teaching, collaborating, astrology, psychology, and spirituality all with the goal of helping folks build sustainable businesses that are fully in alignment with their truth. I became an entrepreneur through starting Terra Incognita Media because I wanted to see more anti-oppressive, feminist content in the outdoor industry. Although this is shifting now, in 2015 it was NOT easy to find in mainstream publications — to be honest it’s still lacking. After pouring my all into Terra I began to feel really burnt-out. I invested in coaching in 2019, and started weekly therapy in Feb 2020. Through this external support I was able to work through what felt insurmountable and create new ways of approaching and relating to my work, creativity, and desires. I created Vesta Business School because I love teaching what’s helped me along the way. ⠀ Here are some facts about me! ⠀ 1. I fucking love climbing + running 2. I used to be a Montessori teacher! ⁣ 3. I apply Somatic Experiencing, attachment theory, and astrology into my coaching ⠀ 4. As a white person I’m a benefactor of redlining + gentrification + ongoing colonization and I strive to address this in my life and work (redistributing my wealth/income/resources) ⠀ 5. I’m a proud slut, #sexpositive, and I also have herpes! 🥳I’m an advocate of destigmatizing STIs 🙌🏻🥰 ⁣ 6. I’m currently working on an essay about the “mythopoetic men’s movement” 🙄🤮to continue my writing + research of toxic masculinity for Terra 7. I’m a Libra ☀️ , Virgo rising, and Scorpio 🌙



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