Hit them with an unexpected robot.

Authenticity isn’t a one and done act. It’s a process of continual self-discovery, a commitment to unlearning your conditioning under systems of oppression, and an embrace of healing from trauma.

  1. What are you drawn to? What people, places, or things catch your eye?

Chances are you are drawn to that…

I’ve noticed we are confusing cancel culture with accountability. I’m speaking particularly to fellow white women…

Read, respect, and pay educators like Ericka Hart and Wagatwe Wanjuki who are leading conversations and actively writing about this. I’m grateful to them and credit them for my understanding about this topic.

Erin Monahan

Mindset Coach. Speaker. Founder of Terra Incognita Media. Guide at Feminist Killjoy Business School. Libra sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising.

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