Hit them with an unexpected robot.

Authenticity isn’t a one and done act. It’s a process of continual self-discovery, a commitment to unlearning your conditioning under systems of oppression, and an embrace of healing from trauma.

Chances are you are drawn to that thing because you want it or you want to be it. Our brains are conditioned to see through a lens of lack because of white supremacist, patriarchal, capitalism.

Instead of noticing how alike we are to something, we tend to focus on how dissimilar we are — what they have…

I happened to come across this live chat on Instagram in which Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray were talking about copywriting and how to be an authentic writer. The intro is so cringey with Forleo immediately letting out a white-washed “YAS” bouncing to Bill Withers “Lovely Day,” and then continuing to announce the locations of the folks who are in attendance. Her cheery tone falls flat, and I’m not convinced. Like the yoga teacher with aggressive “posi vibes,” I don’t get the sense that she’s excited to connect with humans, but rather the dollars that will convert and land in…

Image from @cinematicbabe on Instagram

How are you doing with the aftermath of the Scorpio full moon? (cringe-face emoji)

Just me?

I was feeling like Harley Quinn, hung-the-fuck-over, just wanting a perfect fucking egg sandwich.

How reliable.

How consistent.

How comforting.

But the gut-wrenching lesson is that no matter how badly you want something it just might not be for you. Even though maybe it once was.

You can pour your heart and soul into something and then look up one day and realize it’s not able to give back to you in the ways you really want or need.

This can be applied to…

I’ve noticed we are confusing cancel culture with accountability. I’m speaking particularly to fellow white women…

Read, respect, and pay educators like Ericka Hart and Wagatwe Wanjuki who are leading conversations and actively writing about this. I’m grateful to them and credit them for my understanding about this topic.

I’m back in my body.

If I was who I was before I would’ve shown up at his house tears streaming down my face.

I’m not a relationship expert or therapist, so take everything I’m about to say with a grain of salt. But what I’ve learned about relationships is that they’re more complicated than I have ever given them credit for. …

Election season is here in the so-called United States. Maybe you’re feeling depressed, anxious, numb, irritable. Maybe you’re feeling fine. I encourage you to feel all of your feelings. Whatever you’re feeling is completely valid.

We know that this is nothing new, but on top of police brutality being at an all-time high, white supremacy bringing us a global pandemic, massive, sweeping, untamed wildfires leaving thousands of lives lost and upended, November is the culmination of an intensity that’s been building.

Once again, my fellow white women are leading in votes for Trump next only to white men. EbonyJanice Moore…

*You can also listen to this essay here*

Have you heard this before? “What’s possible for me, is possible for you.” Or I’ve also heard, “What’s possible for them, is possible for you.”

I hear this a lot in the coaching industry and not only is it just not true, it’s harmful and could lead people to feeling shame or blaming themselves for their circumstances or results. …

A lot of fellow white women are more upset and shedding more tears over Ruth Bader Ginsburg than Breonna Taylor. But Ginsburg’s actions in office are a part of the reason why Breonna Taylor was murdered.

I’m hearing white women say, “RBG faced so much oppression and hardship in order to be appointed.”

“She made mistakes.”

“The Conservatives hated her. They didn’t embrace her until the 90s.”

The point is that she was embraced. She did live a long life despite any hardships or misogyny she faced. Her whiteness granted her access to acceptance, power, and resources. Black women aren’t…

TW: sexual violence, genocide, police brutality

Who did Ginsburg advocate for? As a cishet, white woman I benefit from any inkling of WoMeN’s RiGhTs she might’ve fought for, but I’m not delusional.

Ginsburg failed to advocate for ALL women. She failed to advocate for Indigenous and Black women. And we already know that none of us are free, until we are ALL free.

We can’t talk about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and fail to address missing and murdered Indigenous women. #mmiw Ruth Bader Ginsburg co-signed the construction of a 600 mile pipeline for natural gas under the Appalachian trail. …

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Let’s break it down…

It’s easy to fall prey to the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” individualist mentality of this capitalist society we live in, but the truth is…you’ve never done this before. You can’t expect yourself to have it all figured out.

2. You’re burnt-out.

Having a coach is like a mentor and cheerleader rolled into one. Sorting out the complexities of your business and brand can be exhausting and draining. Entrepreneurship is isolating, especially when your friends…

Erin Monahan

Mindset Coach. Speaker. Founder of Terra Incognita Media. Guide at Feminist Killjoy Business School. Libra sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising.

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